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RORB Innovation In Creativity (2017)

NonArchitecture 72hr Axo Battle - Editorial pick, publication in Architecture journals/blogs (2021)

NonArchitecture Amsterdam Cycling Bridge - Editorial pick, publication in Architecture journals/blogs (2021)

UNI Extreme Habitat Competition - Shortlisted project in Conceptual Design (2019)

UNI SymbioTecture Competition - Shortlisted project in Conceptual design (2020)

Brandon Paredes

PrincipalDesigner | LeadProjectManager

Brandon has diverse experience in real world & graphic comprehensive grasp of design principles and elements to produce public, private and commercial spaces and is skilled in providing creativity in design; adherent to the creative and regulative process of development and producing material. Brandon's many years’ of work experience in professional design and construction development environments​​ shows true in every development project with unique and efficient problem solving design. 


Previously Brandon has worked with the Texas Department of Transportation as an Engineer Tech III for 3 summers undertaking tasks such as Project Inspector experience as well as in-depth design and production of Roadway, Bridge-way, and drainage/sewage management. Brandon has also undertaken responsibilities in meeting prep and Major project handling of IH and SH multi-million dollar highway and infrastructure projects.

After being a part of the PG team for 5 years Brandon has prepared and designed many construction plans for completed land development projects; commercial, retail and residential, across the DFW area.


Abilities: Professional Design, CAD, Graphic Modeling/design, hand drafting, model making & Land Surveying


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