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Chris Cruz


Chris has diverse experience in real world & with a comprehensive grasp of design principles and elements to produce public, private and commercial spaces and is skilled in providing creativity in design. He has work experience in professional design and construction development environments​​ working on various residential homes across the DFW area. Chris takes on every development project with enthusiasm, curiosity, and unique and efficient problem-solving design.


Chris has previously worked with UTA Community Construction in partnership with bcWorkshop, to develop multiple affordable homes around the DFW area. While being as part of the team, Chris undertook tasks such as in-depth design, and specking homes, while always keeping the client in mind. Chris also has experience with implementing the design throughout the construction phase of the project, often times coming up with creative solutions with any design problems that may arise. Chris credits his design acumen to his intensive theoretical studies and construction experiences.

While being a fairly new part of the PG team, Chris has prepared and designed various architectural plans on ongoing projects; commercial, retail and residential, across the DFW area.

Abilities: Professional Design, Revit, CAD, Graphic Modeling/design, hand drafting, model making

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