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TPWA Project of the Year (2012) – N. Main Street, Duncanville


APWA Global Solutions in Public Works (2012)


IWLA Leadership Award (2012- 2015)


Mujer Legendaria – Innovation Award (2018)

Gina Garcia



After many years of serving as a City Engineer and TxDOT PM, Gina started her own Consultant firm, Paredes-Garcia & Associates.


Now as Partner of PG Gina believes that the knowledge and experience she possesses from 11 years of independent practice and deliverance of exceedingly exceptional projects gives PG an edge in delivering beautifully designed and sustainably engineered developments. Gina is passionate about protecting the environment and constructing innovation at every corner, her efforts to create a more sustainable earth was recently recognized and she became the 2018 recipient of the Mujer Legendaria Innovation Award.


On top of the 11 Years of Independent practice,

  • Gina has 6 years experience at TxDot as Project Manager responsible for the preparation of PS&E for various transportation projects in Dallas & Ellis Counties.

  • City Engineer - Serving the cities of Red Oak, Duncanville, and Lancaster, managed CIP by identifying and prioritizing needs and securing funds. Responsible for Design & Construction of various water, sewer, drainage, and roadway improvements.

  • Utility Design Manager - KCI Technologies, worked on the SH 360 South Design-Build project, managing all utility relocates and assisted the UDC in identifying and managing all utility conflicts.

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